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Product Overview

Paramount sheeted gates can provide a solution for a wide range of applications including; security, agriculture, equestrian and most industrial and commercial uses where it is essential to obscure visibility.

Designed to offer a high level of security in any instance, they are able to function as either a gate or a door, which can also be fitted to a steel portal frame building. Farms and general agriculture favour this style of product as it combines security whilst still providing effective separation for livestock.

Other typical uses include yard gates for industrial premises, service areas on retail parks, Magistrates or Crown courts as well as prison transfer facilities. We have even seen our sheeted product used on storage facilities, where it is necessary to prevent goods from being passed through the gate, typically preventing theft or high valuable assets such as cable and other products which are stored outside.

Designed using a heavy duty steel box frame which offers maximum resistance to attempted intrusion or vandalism, whilst maintaining rigidity in areas where high wind loadings apply.

Pre-galvanised steel sheeting is applied to our heavy duty frame system, using a Tek screw and soft head washer. This prevents unwanted noise and vibration. Clamp bars are also applied to the structure along horizontal and vertical sheeting joints. These bars maintain the products rigidity and further assist in reducing vibration across the product.

The versatile solution is offered fully galvanised to BSEN 1461, with optional powder coating in any RAL colour.

Slide latches are fitted on both single leaf and double leaf configurations, which are manufactured from heavy duty solid steel profiles. The latch secures the gate in the closed position and is fitted with a mounting point for a heavy duty steel padlock. (More information on suitable padlocks can be found under our resources section).

Installation is assisted by a lifting eye installed on the top rail, inside face of each gate leaf, ensuring the product can be erected in a safe and speedy manor.

Adjustable hinges are supplied to install the sheeted gate to the mounting post. We recommend the mounting posts should be secured into the ground using a minimum standard of either C35 or C40 ready mixed concrete.

Drop bolts are fitted to each gate leaf. On double leaf configurations, one drop bolt secures the gate in the closed position. In single leaf conigurations the drop bolt also acts as a means to secure the gate in the open position and prevents unwanted movement in windy conditions. It is essential that this type of gate is always left secured in both the OPEN and CLOSED positions.

Optional shark tooth topping can be specified to deter any attempts to climb the gates, and prevent an intruder from resting or using the top of the gate structure as a contact point.

Paramount sheeted gates can be specified in a range of widths and heights to suit most applications. When specifying a sheeted gate, consideration does need to be given to its size, especially in coastal or particularly windy locations. (As a general guide we do not recommend gate leaves in excess of 6m wide due to the wind loadings). Typical heights available include 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.1m and 2.4m.

Sheeted Security Gates Data Sheet