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Product Overview

The Paramount Portcullis Palisade system is designed primarily for defence against a more determined intruder. Its unique design offers excellent resilience against a wide range of attack methods, ensuring maximum resistance to any attempt at intrusion.

The high security design acts as a substantial deterrent against trying to climb the security fence from either the secure or the insecure side. It also offers good levels of resistance against ramming by vehicles and forcible attack using machinery.

Paramount Portcullis holds a registered Trade and Design Mark 1031211

Portcullis is the ideal palisade-based security fence where high security really counts – designed specifically to meet the requirements of Power Stations, High Voltage Sub-stations, Gas and Water Installations, Military Sites, Bonded Warehouses, Refineries, Communication Centres, and any application where strategic protection is essential.

Manufactured from a Paramount ‘W’ Pale profile, using 3.0mm thick pales, Portcullis retains each pale in three positions. The top and bottom horizontal rails are the standard fixing methods, but added resistance to attack from poles or lever devices is provided by the use of specialist high-torque fixings. We have also added a third fixing location by providing a bressummer rail: the primary function of the bressummer rail design is to hold the pales in position and resist their removal in the unlikely event that the top and bottom rail fixings are overcome by an offender.

The narrow spacing of the vertical pales is set at an optimum to maximise air flow, producing minimum wind loadings, while maintaining maximum security by closing the gap between the pales. The reduced gap not only provides security benefits, it also reduces the likelihood of goods or products being passed through the security fence. Additional support feet also stabilise the security fence panel and maximise the integrity of each individual panel.

Typical fence heights are 2.4m, 3.0m, and 3.6m, but the product can be manufactured to bespoke heights to suit individual site requirements. 

For security reasons images of this product are limited to factory production photographs, as we are unable to take photographs of the sites this product typically protects.